Thursday, 9 February 2012

Be an Ethical Hacker with CEH certification


CEH is also known as Certified Ethical Hacker. This is a professional certification that is offered by EC-council (International Council of E-commerce consultant). The CEH certification validated the knowledge and skills of a professional who being an ethical hacker help in securing the network and personal details of the company through hacking into the network. An Ethical Hacker is a penetration tester who finds out the insecurity core of the company and fixes all the computer security vulnerabilities.  

Some time ago the Ethical Hacking was considered as a bad thing that should be ignored.But actually this is not like that. Now people are getting aware of it and giving it importance as it is essential to secure your network.

Being an authorized partner of EC-Council. Net Hub is offering you the CEH certification that makes you perfect and knowledgeable in Ethical Hacking and information Security.Become an Ethical Hacker is not a difficult task. Anyone can go for it. Net Hub is having an expert team of professional trainers who provide training on Ethical hacking and information security. If you are doing self study for the CEH examination than the candidate must have an experience of at least 2 years in information security.

There are 67 modules in CEH program. The examination consists of 150 questions approximately and all are multiple choice questions and the duration of the examination is 4 hours. The examination fee is 250 USD which can be change due to local taxes and exchange rates in the daily market. After completing the CEH certification program form Net Hub, we offer a complete certification. With the 100% placement guarantee we the talented candidate in high profiled companies with a beautiful salary package.

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