Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Net Hub - Cisco and Checkpoint Firewall Technology

Net Hub as a salient face of the IT industry spreads out the most prominent and respected Cisco Certification Programs that are world wide recognized. As the security is the hot topic in today’s networking world you need to consider adding Cisco or Checkpoint security certification to your resume and firewall skills to your skill set. Net Hub is one among the few selected IT training companies that successfully render you the industry standard’s firewall skills.

The Cisco and Checkpoint firewall skill act as a great stepping stone to the next level of your IT career. Your practice with Cisco firewall technologies offers you an easy-to-read guide to get the knowledge how to represent the technology in the Cisco firewall product family.There is a huge demand of Cisco firewalls in the industry as for companies who are setting up network security used Cisco firewalls provide the same level of efficient and security as brand equipment.

In this you get how to prevent unauthorized access to a private network. Companies cannot go without an impregnable computer network it becomes imperative to set up a strong. After getting the certification you become able to filter the messages that are exchanged within the company’s network you are working for through using firewall. And with the help of this you can block the messages that do not meet the security criteria.

Net Hub also offers the Check Point Certified Managed Security Expert on Firewall (CCMSE @ Firewall) certification program that demonstrates the student’s knowledge in consolidating the multiple firewalls into a single platform management. In this you also get to know how to use advanced migration tools to quickly migrate existing configurations and how to plan and implement a large-scale security deployment. Through our Checkpoint firewall device students get to know how to control the flow of the traffic in a secured manner by using a firewall device through connecting a private network to the un-trusted network.

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