Thursday, 15 March 2012

Net Hub- Ethical Hacking and Information Security

In this era of cyber crime the insecurity of stolen secret business data is always there in the mind of business heads. Many of the IT Company heads scratch their heads and wandering why they would want to be hacked. Many of people who never heard of Ethical Hacking consider it as a horrible thing and ignore it. But actually it is not a thing to be ignored and this kind of interference can save the company millions.

As an authorized partner of EC-council Net Hub provides the Ethical Hacking and Information Security certification programs for the candidates who are interested in the area and wants to make their career in the same. Many companies appoint the Ethical Hackers for the purpose of security of their in house network. The cyber security expert of any company hack into the network and find the insecure areas so that the company can take the necessary steps to make it secure.

An Ethical Hacker is the one who knows how to look for the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in target systems. With the help of our universally known certification programs of reputed enterprise the is EC-Council we scatter the ethical hacking and security skills and knowledge among the candidates. Our Ethical Hacking and Security courses are such as:

•    CEH V.7
•    ECSA
•    LPT
•    CHFI

Our CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) Certification Program demonstrates the candidate’s skills in the specific network security discipline of Ethical Hacking form a vendor-natural perspective. Our ECSA (EC-Council Certified Security Analyst) is an advanced ethical hacking training certification that accomplishes the CEH certification by tempting the analytical phase of ethical hacking. When it comes to LPT (Licensed Penetration Tester) it standardizes the knowledge base for penetration testing professional by incorporating best practices followed by experienced experts in the same area. And the last but not the least CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator) certification program with us prepares the students to conduct computer investigations using groundbreaking digital forensics technologies.

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